Name Tattoo Ideas

Getting a name tattoo design is often seen to be controversial, and many think getting a name tattoo is a little short sighted, but before we pass judgement, let’s take a look at some reasons behind getting a name tattoo.

There are several reasons why people get name tattoos, here are a few:

• Spouse Name Tattoo- Showing your love for your partner
• Honour Tattoo- Honouring a close friend or relative
• In Loving Memory Name Tattoo- Remembering someone who has passed away
• Hero Name Tattoo- A reminder of someone’s ideals and values
• Religious Tattoo- Tattoos of biblical verses
• Gang Name Tattoo- Proving commitment to a gang

Name Tattoo IdeasName tattoos can be done in a lot of styles and languages, such as Chinese name tattoos, Kanji name tattoos, Hebrew name tattoos, Arabic name tattoos to name but a few.

Once you’ve decided on getting a name tattoo, the next step is to find some name tattoo ideas and designs. Getting tattoo ideas can be a nightmare, you could search for “name tattoo ideas” online, but fishing through thousands of random tattoo images can be frustrating and time consuming.

Finding good name tattoo ideas means you need to know what type of tattoo styles there are. Below is a list of name tattoo styles and languages. This might help with your search for your new tattoo idea:

Popular name tattoo lettering styles:

• Gothic script tattoos
• Ambigram tattoos
• Cyrillic letter tattoos
• Celtic letter tattoos

Popular name tattoo languages:

• Chinese tattoos
• Kanji tattoos
• Hebrew tattoos
• Latin tattoos
• Arabic tattoos
• Hindi tattoos
• Gaelic tattoos

If you are looking for tattoo lettering, a good resource is Identifont. They have plenty of lettering perfect for your name tattoo.